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So after a very successful and well received run of our triple bill we immediately start work on our next 2 shows for Season 6. For those of you who are perhaps perplexed by our notion of seasons, let me explain. We always think of our Season starting in October with what has become a traditional presentation of work for Leicester's Everybody's Reading Festival, and our home for this it seems is becoming the Pork Pie Library. This year is no different and we will be presenting 2 very different pieces for the festival. In the afternoon for children we will present a new adaption of our treatment of Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Ugly Duckling'. It's free and we would love to see lots of children there to enjoy the performance. Later in the day we will be presenting a workshop of how we have begun crafting our play based on Grimm's 'Hansel and Gretel'. This so dark story is encouraging us to create a piece which looks at abuse and many major issues surrounding this theme. We have begun working to craft our script already through a series of workshops and when we present our journey at the Pork Pie Library on the 6th October out final script will be in place for people to see. The actual performances of the play will take place in Loughborough, at the Swan in the Rushes just before Chrsitmas. I emphasise now that this is not a pantomime but something much darker and so we have badged it with a 12A sticker.

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