Details of Current Season

In October we performed as part of 'Everybody's Reading Festival', at Pork Pie Library Tony Church's play 'A Man of Humble Beginnings' to commemorate at last the honouring of the crucial role that Amos Sherriff, the lost man of Leicester politics played in Leicester regaining City status, along with a life of amazing dedication and support for the population of Leicester. The show played to 42 people at Pork Pie Library on the 6th October, having previewed the show to a large appreciative audience on the 5th October at the Organ Grinder pub.


The 4 Alan Bennett Talking Head pieces we performed for Christmas - A Cream Cracker Under the Settee, A Lady of Letters, A Chip in the Sugar and A Woman of No Importance, were an amazing success. Audiences were captivated and astounded by what our performers achieved. Read the reviews, which are still coming in from people who saw the shows.


In May 2018 we will present Dennis Potter's Blue Remembered Hills in a triple bill with Bella (a monologue) intended to fill a gap in our production of Anthony L Church's Bella and the Tyger Man, plus another Alan Bennett Talking Heads piece Bed Among the Lentils. In June we are considering a revue drawn from poems, songs, and other extracts, which would explore the theme of 'Love', with a projected title of 'Beguilements' being considered. Another direction a revue might take could be related to women, and a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of women gaining the vote. Shoulder to Shoulder could be this show's title, one of the anthems of the suffragette movement.


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'Christmas Carol @ The Firths'






A Christmas Carol

@ The Firths

23rd December 2017